BTS at sass&bide HQ

Lets take a zippy ‘trip’ to Sydney and have a BTS peak at sass&bide’s stunning HQ plus see what goes on at their national Love-In Conference!! Imagine a work trip called Love-In…pure bliss!! Mr B.Bear greets everyone in the entrance at sass HQ!! He was created by Tan (above) She heads up the team who make the standout window displays and in-store curiosities.

Stunning curiosities, unique artwork everywhere…sooo eycatching its hard to concentrate!!
The outfits are Styled and the National Team are about to arrive!! Eeeek… Excited!!!!An AndAndrea Styling Presentation for the Managers & Team using pieces from the new collection Amante Amore, was a dream come true!! Plus the Design Team (below) headed up by Therese Rawsthorne, gave us a detailed rundown of the Amante Amore collection & their inspiration behind each piece.
And thats a wrap!! Farewell from the awesome team at sass&bide HQ ❣❣ xx

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