Brekky in Leederville

The usually busy streets were deserted when we arrived in Leederville for an early breakfast. Leederville is quirky and full of interesting cafes shops and street art.

I love wearing shorts in Summer but find they are challenging to wear and in fact most women I style over 30ish all say the same thing! My tip is I always choose a bigger size so I can drop them to my hips hence making them longer.These natural linen shorts are a “bloomer” shape and made by Sacre Saison.

Here I am wearing a Biasa oversized cotton voile shirt. My bag is an old Country Road fave and wrist jewellery is from Joy Bali as well as Bali beads. I collect beads and hang them on my hatstand so they are easy to see and special pieces dont end up at the back of a drawer.

This cheerful Mexican window display caught my eye….as well as the old Hills Hoist washing line! My kind of store – Varga Girl Oxford Street Leederville.

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