Styling at Myer Perth city is a complimentary service!! It’s hard to believe there are no hidden catches….but it is actually free. It’s as simple as ringing Myer and booking a time, when you’re in need of some retail therapy. Debra above, does just that. She’s been a regular client of mine for three years. She books well ahead and loves the one on one service, my roomy salon and of course the styling advice. Last time, she needed trendy going out clothes. This visit, she wanted casual, comfy winter staples.

Deb above, has a casual and comfy ‘weekend’ look happening. She’s wearing a Sass poncho style jumper. Note the skinny sleeves, they define the shape. Jane Lamerton pull-ons and Miss Shop loafers finish off the look.


I’m wearing an Arabella Ramsay, cement coloured, leather skirt. As florals are trending at the moment, I rummaged through my old, wicker chest and found my Stuart Membrey, 70’s, floral jacket. It’s linen, double breasted and wide like a ‘labcoat’. It needs some help! To create a flattering shape, I have nipped it in at the waist with a gold chain belt. Tip: anything floral is a winner right now…even dare to clash, ‘floral upon floral’….there are no rules!

Successful styling done! Deb is now ready for Winter….if the weather finally cools down!

  Top: Florals on the runway. Bottom: Florals instore at Myer. Fancy a bouquet?

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