When you wake up to a sensational, sunshiny, Saturday in June, you want to get out there… and soak it up! True bliss.

That’s exactly what we did. We headed on down to East Perth for an indulgent weekend escape. What a treat! Mix lime, white, and silver and what do you have? A holiday outfit trio! Rolled white jeans and sneakers instantly make me feel like, I’m on holiday! Add the Bardot lime juice, drapey singlet and Bardot, V-neck, citrus knit (both now in-stock at Myer). Top it all off with a hint of metallic…the glitter, vintage cardi and silver accessories. Golf shoe sneakers, by Asics, satchel by Calvin Klein and Zebra belt by Cue. 

Stunning water views, sunshine, the weekend paper, a machiato and gourmet brekky… perfect ingredients for weekend delight. After lazing way too long, it was time to hit the markets and load up with goodies for the week.

Fancy a Moroccan ‘wok’ brekky or a bratwurst in a bun? The Farmer Direct markets at Subiaco Primary School are bursting at the seams with high quality fresh produce. Whether it be stone ground organic bread, fresh or potted flowers, crepes, bagels, cupcakes, hand-made pasta, macaroons or sensational fresh fruit and vege, it’s all there on a Saturday morning at the Subi school markets. Worth a visit.

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