No so long ago, all-in-one outfits seemed like… ALL TOO MUCH!! But fashion moves quickly and onesies, jumpuits, playsuits and all-in-one outfits are trending right now!

This bold ‘Camilla’ onesie, is unstructured… long, loose, floaty bohemian style! It’s like an oversized ‘Andy Pandy’ pyjama suit! But once belted and scrunched it takes shape and is a delight to wear. A fab alternative to a maxi. The one above is from Style Palace

Let’s have some fun creating a few FAUX Onesies…

Pictured above, at a Fashion Viewing with Claire and Jilly Dafforn-Smith, several people enquired about my onesie. It’s actually a FAUX ONESIE! It’s a two piece, combined to look like an all-in-one!

TIP: A Onesie appears to elongate the body. Nice!! 

This faux onesie is by Aussie Designer, Arthur Galan. Purchased as separates, many varied looks can be created!! To get the all-in-one look, it’s tucked in gently on one side. Very versatile and certainly passes as a onesie! White sandals by Betts.

Looks like an all-in-one!

This Simona faux onesie is actually a scooped tee and harem bloomers. One side gently tucked! Styled with lace up corset boots and ‘Top Knots’!! WooHoo!! Dare to wear…

The safe, black onesie.

TIP: A safer, NO FAIL faux onesie, is a plain silk top and wide leg trouser set. This two piece set is from Witchery. The pants have a self-bow belt. The top is tucked in all round, then gently pulled out. The frill adds volume around the bust line. 

An easy, dressy, yet casual look! Perfect for drinkys or a BBQ with friends. A comfy ‘go to’ Summer wardrobe staple. 

Time to hunt down a top and pant set and create your very own all-in-one summer jumpsuit look! Go safe and plain or… go wild and patterened… there are no rules!

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PS Charlie Brown does some fabulous jumpsuits and all-in-one looks. They sell fast, so pop into CB at Claremont Quarter and Manager Kirra will definitely sort you out! 

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