Add a Dash of Sparkle To Someone’s Day!!

Every now and then, a special friend can add sparkle to your whole day!

You know, that ‘feel good’ tingle you have when you see a special girlie. Amy sprinkled her ‘magic’ on me yesterday. We shared simple, no fuss, refreshing ‘girltime’. What a treat!!


Amy and I don’t see each very often, but when we do catchup, there’s a magic feeling… I think it’s Amy’s lovely sunshiny nature. Yesterday, was time for overdue catchups not just with Amy, but with her adorable bub Chloe too!


Amy and I are different ages and we are at different stages in our lives. She’s a very busy mumma of two little girls. My three boys are all grown up now… but Amy and I just click.

We laugh and chat about all things from fabulous food to fashion, but we mainly talk about the 3B’s…Bubs, Boys and Blogging (no, not Baz her husband). Amy’s blog, AbsoluteAmy is a Lifestyle blog. She talks motherhood, shares recipes and finds fabulous, affordable, yummy-mummy fashion. Amy’s blog can be viewed here at

Over coffee, Amy reminded me that she was keen to try my Lentil Burger Recipe. Recently, others have asked about my family Mexican Fiesta’s. So, just for a change from fashion, I’ve snapped my Lentil Burger preparation and my Mexi Fiesta nights will feature soon! So, here we go!

‘Secret’ Mexi Lentil Burgers ala AndAndrea!!


Mash 3 tins of rinsed, drained brown lentils in a large bowl or blend in a food processor. Add a tin of Refried Beans, a finely diced red onion, a grated carrot, a whisked egg (omit for vegan version), a sachet of Mexi Chilli Powder (Old El Paso Chilli Spice Mix), a bunch of chopped coriander, a grated zucchini (squeezed of all liquid), some breadcrumbs to bind, extra chilli (optional for lovers of a fiery palette) and a pinch salt (optional). Roll fist sized balls in plain flour. Line a fry pan with BAKING PAPER (a must). Place 4 balls into pan. Press each ball into a large egg ring to create even sized burgers. Add a slurp of olive oil and cook till golden and firm (approx 5 mins) before flipping over.


Easy peasy!! Burgers are ready to serve!


If you prefer not to overload on bread, then serve patties on a roast vege stack with baby spinach leaves. Glaze the vegies with Mazzetti thick Balsamic Vinegar.


Or serve with lettuce, tomato…


…gaucomale and peppers in a…


… toasty wholemeal roll!! Delish!!

Any uncooked patties freeze well. Stack with Baking Paper in between and seal.

** Pssstt… AbsoluteAmy and AndAndrea are joining forces and planning something special. Stay tuned…we’d love you to be involved!!

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