Snatch ‘n Grab Dressing

Juggling work-life and family-life can be challenging!! Some mornings are more chaotic than others. Snatch ‘n grab dressing on the crazy mornings, means versatile wardrobe staples are essential for survival. A good, tailored blazer and reliable jeans, are my ‘friends’ when the clock is ticking and I need to get out the door F-A-S-T! I often pull on the shredded jeans (above) …because I can virtually put anything with them, then scoot off to work. The NF Nicola Finetti ‘winter white’ blazer can be dressed up or down. I’ve teamed it with a Stussy ‘holey’ green singlet and Mimco ‘big-flower’ necklace. Mmmn…something’s still missing! The Sportscraft tassel scarf, is folded into a triangle and tied around the hips. It added ‘edge’ that was missing. Tip: look for blazers without lapels, as they are more versatile. Scrunch up the sleeves for a more casual look.

My rush today, was due to an early, in-store, corporate workshop. Twenty girls from a Perth accounting firm came in for a team-building, styling session. The session began with cappucinos and make-up tips. Sinead, from the brand new Calvin Klein make-up house, ‘CK one color’, did a fab demo on our volunteer model, Chelsea. Next, I showed the girls the latest fashion trends for the office, as well as tips and tricks for mixing and matching. The girls left with Myer vouchers in-hand…ready to go shopping.

The fingerless ‘tea-dyed’ gloves, featured in my recent ‘Fashions on the Field’ blogpost caused a lot of interest. Dangerfield in the Myer Basement sell various cut-off gloves. Hand model ‘TS’ above, works in the Basement and always wears these funky gloves. They retail for $14 and add style to any plain outfit. 

‘TS’ always points out fab new ‘Miss Shop’ stock to me. She knows I’m a ‘stud’ fan and showed me this Quirky Circus silk shirt with studded collar. Nice one.

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